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We are at the heart of innovation and entrepreneurship at The City College of New York. The Zahn Innovation Center will spark your inner entrepreneur – the part of you that dares to think big, take risks, engage your creativity and solve problems. And we offer the training, mentorship, prototyping facilities and other resources to enable you to transform your technology or your idea for social change into a sustainable venture.


Our coworking spaces allow students to explore entrepreneurial ideas in a nurturing environment.


We provide students, faculty, and staff with the tools they need to transform these ideas into sustainable ventures.


Not only do our students develop sustainable ventures, but they develop themselves as changemakers who are inspired to transform their communities.


Social Entrepreneurship Speaker Series: Measuring Success

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How do we know when social programs work? We’re hosting a panel about how to measure your success. Learn valuable tactics for gauging your impact! Thursday, December 3rd, 6-8pm, Shepard Hall, Room…


SCWE Speaker Series: Alternative Ways to Raise Capital

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The next installment in our Standard Chartered Women Entrepreneurs’ Speaker Series will be a panel on alternative ways to raise capital. It will be held on Wednesday, November 11th, from…


If Not You, Then Who? Our panel of Female Founders.

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If Not You, Then Who? It’s a question that invokes the entrepreneurial spirit–the idea of taking it upon yourself to solve a problem that hasn’t been solved yet. That initiative…