The Kaylie Prize presents the next generation of technology start-ups! Join us at this live entrepreneurial competition featuring the five semi-finalists of the Kaylie Prize for Hardware. This year's semi-finalists have developed physical products in a variety of industries, including mobile networking, skate boarding, medical diagnostics, and the dream material Graphene.

Students will present their impressive prototypes and the progress they've made getting their first customers. This year's audience will have the power to help their favorite start-up win the $5,000 “Audience’s Choice” prize. Be there to vote for your favorite start-up!
Friday, May 16th
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4:30-5:00 Registration
5:00-5:15 Welcome
5:15-5:30 Keynote
5:30-6:45 Pitches & Demonstrations
6:45-7:30 Reception
7:30 Winners Announced


First Place: $50,000
Audience Choice: $5,000

In addition all participants receive the following:
  • Admission and 24-hour access to a start-up incubator on campus
  • Access to rapid prototyping capabilities including 3D printing, laser cutting, CNC machining and more
  • Consulting with an experience design engineer
  • Legal advise in intellectual property, incorporation, and accounting
  • Access experienced designers for branding

Meet the Semi-Finalists

  • eKick

    ekick eKick wants to change the fact that 9 million skaters ride at night without any lights. eKick has created a compact non-interfering skate light that both illuminates the road ahead as well as helps the skater be seen at night. The two forward headlights lights up the skate path and the side lights projects the status of the skater, green for riding normally or red for breaking. There’s no second guessing from pedestrians and drivers, they see where and what the skateboarder is doing, which means we can ride at night, keep loving our skate and get home safe.
  • GesTone


    Using motion sensing technologies, such as 3D cameras or the Microsoft Kinect, we create a virtual environment that allows physical therapy and rehabilitation to be done with ease. This would allow the patient to undergo a self fulfilled therapeutic experience in the comfort of their own home. In addition the therapist would be able to receive feedback on how their patient is doing which allows for better diagnosis and quicker recovery time. The applications of this software can allow better assessment and execution in areas of: sports, neurological, and orthopedic therapy.
  • Lantern


    Lantern is an early stage start-up that will revolutionize networking in professional settings. Through the use of an smartphone app & beacons, people can find and connect with relevant nearby people easily at large networking events such as trade shows, conferences, and expos. Relevant people are discovered based on what a user is looking for, professional networking databases such as LinkedIn, and high-resolution proximity. Users would be given a profile picture, detailed profile of these sorted relevant people, and their real-time distance from the user. Event organizers only need to place a few of these beacons throughout their space and then their attendees can use the Lantern service. Lantern delivers organizers with rich metrics to optimize their future events and empowers their attendees to go connect with the right people faster.
  • Quinoa Express


    Quinoa Express strives to integrate healthy eating into your busy schedule. It is the only product that cooks quinoa on-the-go in 5 minutes at a microwave. No more late night, or early morning food preparations. Just grab & go. The design is patentable. It consists of a vented cap to eliminate spilling, build-in strainer to rinse, and a heat-resistance silicone sleeve.
  • Van Der Waals Technologies


    Van der Waals Technologies, LLC (VDWTech) is a R&D oriented startup based in New York City. Within the next decade, Graphene and Van der Waals material-based nanotechnology are poised to take the place of the current Silicon mainstays, and VDWTech is at the forefront of this movement. At VDWTech, we supply research institutions with the custom-built hardware and patented know-how necessary for creating state-of-art performance graphene devices. Van der Waals Technologies - bringing the future of technology to the present.
About the Kaylie Prize:
The Kaylie Prize is an annual entrepreneurship competition for students, staff, faculty and alumni of City College conducted in the CCNY Zahn Innovation Center. The competition was established in 2010 through an endowment by engineering alumnus Harvey Kaylie. Mr. Kaylie is President and founder of Mini-Circuits, a Brooklyn-based RF and microwave electronic components design, manufacture and distribution company. Throughout the years the Kaylie Prize has developed into one of the most innovative and exciting entrepreneurship mechanisms on campus and has facilitated rapid acceleration of commercialization of student generated ideas.