New CCNY Graduate Program Brings Social Entrepreneurship to the Classroom


We’re excited to announce a new partnership with the Master’s Program in Public Administration (MPA) to inspire social innovation at CCNY. Together we’ve launched a new Social Innovation Fellowship that offers graduate-level training along with opportunities to explore social entrepreneurship at the Zahn Center.

The Social Innovation Fellowship is part of the MPA’s new emphasis on social entrepreneurship. It’s offered in conjunction with a new track which focuses on new ways of addressing social needs and social change, and its purpose is to create change makers across sectors. Students will adopt the track in their second semester; they’ll take electives in social innovation and strategic communication, and also receive mentorship and internships from some of the city’s leading social changemakers.

In addition to the new curriculum, Fellows will develop social innovation projects with the Zahn Center’s guidance, for consideration in our annual startup competition.

Last week, we celebrated the launch of the Fellowship by honoring its first cohort, made up of students Allison Wen, Sumaira Khan, Amanda Reyes, and Jane Fang. Their ambitions are varied–from starting an NGO in Pakistan focused on domestic workers’ rights, to using tech to solve the international water crisis–and the Fellows want to create sustainable, transformative impact. We can’t wait to help them start.

For Mark Musell, Director of Public Management Programs, and Natalia Trujillo, Director of Operations and Innovation of the MPA Program, this partnership celebrates social entrepreneurship as a way of thinking and acting. We are proud to collaborate in building the movement of social entrepreneurship at CCNY.

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