4 CCNY Students Named Innovation Fellows


We’re thrilled to announce that four City College students have been named University Innovation Fellows by Stanford University’s d.school. This global program trains student leaders to create new opportunities for their peers to engage with innovation, entrepreneurship, design thinking, and creativity.

The Zahn Center nominated the candidates over the summer, and after 6 weeks of rigorous training, last week the following students earned their fellowship: Chelsi Ampawa, a senior; Kurt Dawiec, sophomore on his way to a major in physics; and Mahmoud Khedr and Rayna Penn, sophomore business students.

The Fellows are ambitious and ready to execute on some big ideas. They envision a campus “where every major and every person from every walk of life can make their idea a reality.” They are excited to spark collaboration and foster a spirit of creativity and problem solving amongst the student body.

Our fellows are incredibly excited to begin their mission. According to Kurt, “The UIF training has opened my eyes to the workings of CCNY and just how much impact a student can have on his school. I hope to become a catalyst for change and inspire other students to do the same.”

Mahmoud, who also leads the Entrepreneurship Student Club on campus, states “becoming University Innovation Fellows is a phenomenal milestone and achievement, but it’s just the start for us–the real work begins now. We are looking forward to igniting, empowering, and uniting the community through our initiatives. And we won’t be doing any of this work alone–we will need as much help as possible.”

The Zahn Center is proud to support this important work, and we hope other members of the CCNY community will join us as well.

Learn more about the Fellows and their priorities here.