How to Network Like a Pro


Do you dread going to conferences? Does striking up a conversation with strangers paralyze you with fear? A few weeks ago, we learned how to network effectively and confidently with Kim Wales, Founder of Wales Capital. Her workshop made us feel empowered to go after what we wanted, and taught us how to build lasting relationships.

Don’t worry. We’ve got all of the takeaways here for you. Check out Kim Wales’ secrets and tips below.

When you think about networking, you often don’t consider how networking can improve your life overall:

  1. Networking can get you out of a mental rut–it changes the way you view yourself, and the problems you’re trying to tackle.
  2. Networking enables you to make friends very quickly and increases your popularity.
  3. Networking helps you win people over (and influence them!).
  4. Networking can help you gain new clients.
  5. Networking can increase your earning power.
  6. Networking helps you to better execute on your actions.
  7. Networking helps you avoid complaints and arguments.
  8. Networking makes you a better speaker (and a more entertaining conversationalist).
  9. Networking helps your to arouse enthusiasm amongst our associates.

But networking is hard, right? Not if you follow these tips:

  1. When networking, think about how you can help the individual rather than how they can help you.
  2. Build symbolic ties with people, don’t just bring up small talk.
  3. When you go to a networking event you really want the individual to remember you. Listen to what they have to say, ask them questions. That’ll make you memorable.
  4. In a closed environment, try to talk to everyone in the room. Move between individuals, introduce the person to a nearby individual to keep them busy, then move on to an individual you are really interested in talking to.
  5. Use techniques to feel comfortable–whether it’s wearing your favorite shade of lipstick or doing breathing exercises, develop a strategy to make you feel powerful.
  6. Have a purpose. Know why you are there and what you want.
  7. Ooze confidence, and be deliberate in your thinking.
  8. Remember–the depth of your network is more important than the breadth of your network! Building lasting relationships.
  9. And follow up with your relationships, whether it’s emails to catch up or monthly coffee meetings.
  10. Most importantly, BE YOURSELF! Expressing your true self turns awkwardness into charisma.

We hope these tips help you feel like you can work a room. We’ll have more sessions like this before the semester is over, so check our social media pages (@zahncenternyc) for more information.