The Zahn Center will offer short classes which will cover many topics in the hardware and engineering space, such as an Introduction to 3D Printing, Design and Assembly of Printed Circuit Boards, Arduino 101 and 3D Modeling. We will soon launch our classroom offerings so stay tuned for new updates!

Available Classes

  • Basics of SolidWorks - NEW!

    This class will introduce the basics of 3D design using SolidWorks. SolidWorks is a parametric 3D modeling software that allows user to transform their ideas into great products, and is used by engineers and designers all over the world. The underlying design principles learned in this class are the same as those for other 3D CAD (computer aided design) programs such as Pro-E & AutoCAD, but SolidWorks offers some unique tools that make it the preferred choice for engineering design.
    This course will be broken up into 3 sessions. The first session will cover the basics of SolidWorks such as making single parts. The second session will cover putting parts together into assemblies to make larger products. The final session will cover more powerful ways to construct parts that expedite and simplify the design process.

    Date: Three Tuesday Sessions - 11/19, 11/26, 12/3.

    Time: 6pm - 9pm

    Cost: $100

    Class Size: Limited to 20

    Pre-Requisites: Basic understanding of geometry.
    Familiarity with Windows computers and file systems.

    Registration Link:
  • Make Your Own PCB

    In this class all electronics are made with a technique called Surface Mount, and in this class we'll be helping you design and build your very own Arduino clone, similar to the one shown. The class is designed for everyone, of all skill levels, with no knowledge of electronics required - just a desire to learn and make.

    Even though this class is newbie friendly, we'll be doing a pretty deep dive. You'll learn how to read datasheets, how to design components in the layout software, power and ground planes, even how to make funky graphics. Want skulls and flames on your clone? No problem! We'll also talk about the different manufacturing shops out there, pricing, location and what are some of their pros and cons. In the second session you'll learn all about assembly and mounting, and how to correct when the tiny legs on your microntrollers don't quite line up.
    Date: Two Saturday sessions - Dates to be announced.

    Session 1: In the first session, you'll learn something about PCB design software, and then you'll create your own Arduino clone design, and send your design out for fabrication.
    Session 2: Two weeks later, you'll be building your boards!

    Time: 10am - 6pm

    Cost: $200
    The cost includes parts, tools, supplies, instruction and even the PCB fabrication fees. Depending upon which fabrication facility we use, you'll get everything you need to build 2-3 "classduinos."

    Class Size: Limited to 20

    What you'll need to bring: a notebook computer, and optionally, a mouse. We'll tell you what you need to install before the class (it's all downloadable for free). The software runs on Windows and OSX; it appears to be Wine compatible for you Linux users, but if you go that route, getting it to run is up to you.
  • More Classes Coming Soon...