Job Opportunities

    • Electrical Engineer Student - NEW!

      eKick guys is looking for an aspiring entrepreneur and electrical engineer.

      eKick, is a semi-finalist team competing for $50,000 in this year's Kaylie Prize competition. eKick is building a skateboard that can harness the kinetic energy of the wheels to power an on board light and charge a battery pack with which you can charge your hand held gadgets, are looking for an electrical engineer to come on to their team for the competition.

      If you are interested in finding out more, please contact Aulio and Ivan at

      Posted Feb. 2014
    • Designer for Desheller - NEW!

      Description: Develop a sheanut decorticating tool applicable for the rural African setting (That means no electricity) that is:

      • Low-cost
      • Durable
      • Easily used by women in the field
      • Able to be manufactured/assembled with locally available materials

      Design Application: To improve post-harvest efficiencies for millions of poor, rural women in sub-Saharan Africa who are the sole source of shea nuts on the $3.5 billion global market. For more information on the project visit

      Apply: To apply, please email Haytham Elhawary at

      Posted Feb. 2014
    • CUNY Student Tutors Needed - NEW!

      CUNY Tutors, one of the Zahn Prize semifinalist teams, is looking for tutors at the City College of New York. We're looking for SAT/ACT/AP exam tutors, as well as tutors for the SHSAT/Hunter College HS exam. If you have this experience, and you're interested in tutoring for above market compensation and flexible hours, please contact the team at Posted Feb. 2014
    • Web Developer

      Title: Web Developer TryMyToy is new startup that seeks to provide individuals who are looking for educational and interactive toys with a simple and personalized platform to shop.

      We are currently competing as a semi-finalist for the $20,000 Zahn Prize for Entrepreneurship and are looking for a web developer who can work with our startup for the duration of the competition to make our innovative website a reality.

      What We Offer:
      • Experience launching an exciting startup
      • Opportunity to build and strengthen your portfolio
      • Experience working in a collaborative and creative environment with an awesome team
      • Skill progression and fast-tracked learning
      Skills We Are Seeking:
      1. Front-end Web Developer
      • Knowledge of HTML, CSS, jQuery, and JavaScript
      • Ability to create and modify templates for CMS
      • Experience creating visually appealing web pages or interfaces
      • Knowledge of cross-browser compatibility and web accessibility standards
      • Experience working SEO, marketing and analytics
      • Experience with responsive design is a plus

      2. Back-end Web Developer
      • Custom web application development
      • Knowledge of database management and integration
      • Experience developing scalable applications
      • Integrating data or user accounts between multiple systems for a client
      • Outputting data in multiple document formats

      3. Other
      • Sense of curiosity and desire to always be learning
      • Excellent communication and organization skills
      • Ability to communicate well and manage time effectively
      • Ability to work independently as well as on a team

      Compensation: Based on experience and performance.

      How To Apply: If you are interested in applying email us at, with a description of your areas of expertise and technical background.

      Posted Jan. 2014
    • Industrial Engineer - NEW!

      Job Description
      NYC based kitchen product startup is seeking an industrial designer to join an award-winning team. The new team member will join the team as a semi-finalist of City College of NY's Kaylie Prize, and will compete for the grand prize of $50,000. The startup is housed at the Zahn Center, a startup incubator focused on hardware startups and which provides a large amount of engineering equipment and tools.

      -Further develop the product concept based on market data
      -Sketch, draw, and design the product concept
      -Create 3D models of the product and prototype initial versions using fabrication technology such as 3D printing, laser cutter and machining tools

      -As part of the Kaylie prize semi-finalist the team will be receiving a lean startup bootcamp which includes topics such as customer development, business model canvas, lean startup principles and metrics etc. The bootcamp will also involve experienced entrepreneurs to tell their lessons learned
      -The candidate will be immersed in a team that needs to build prototypes and have pre-orders in time for the competition final in early March. It will be a fast paced environment with clear objectives.

      Essential Experience & Abilities
      -Be evadable for most or some bootcamp sessions for 2 hours from 12-2pm on Tuesday or Thursday
      -Familiar with 3D printing
      -Team oriented with experience working as part of a remote team
      -Entrepreneurial spirit
      -Ability to facilitate a creative session and translate into design; collaborate with BMGI internal team as well as client team
      -Bachelor's degree in industrial design or similar degree. Senior students are recommended to apply.

      Interested candidates should contact Johnny at
    • Prototyping Engineer Position

      To create a working prototype by taking existing technology and using it in a different application.
      This prototype will combine ionic molecules with UV lighting (for the purposes of sanitizing). Success of this project is dependent on the creation of a prototype that combines these two technologies and makes them safe for human external application to the skin.

      Scope of Services
      • Construction of working prototype, adhering to all FDA consumer goods guidelines.
      • Training and Testing
      • Work with you and your staff during the design phase to gain a solid understanding of system.
      • Upon completion, conduct system test to assure that it is functioning as intended and safely producing desired results.

      For the right student, I am offering a $500 stipend, 10% of royalties from product and ongoing business mentorship during project. Additionally, student will have the opportunity to gain a strong knowledge base of the benefits of ionic molecules, UV lighting for sanitizing, alternative source for safe sanitizing and business/entrepreneurship management skills.

      Student agrees that it will not utilize any secret confidential information disclosed to by client for the manufacture or design of a product similar to the PRODUCT to any other third party or parties without prior written consent of Client.

      Biography of Client
      Kimberly Warner is a trainer/sales and marketing manager for the Samsung IT division. She has a vast knowledge base of the electronics industry, as she has worked for other elite companies such as LG. Kimberly is a graduate of Hunter College. Earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management. She began her career within the cosmetic industry, successfully managing the New York territory for several prestigious cosmetic firms. Since, she has continued to oversee the New York City territory, branching out to industries such as telecommunications and electronics.

      Email: Kimberly Warner at
    • Senior Electrical and Embedded Systems Engineer at Brainchild

      Brainchild is seeking an experienced electrical engineer to architect, design and test electronics for Brainchild products under development. The right person is a strong team player and is used to leading high performance teams working with tight deadlines while consistently exceeding expectations. We are seeking an experienced electrical designer with project, personnel and vendor management experience to fill an important role within our growing team.

      Key Areas of Responsibility
      • Ability to create specifications for electronics systems, and to validate and demonstrate adherence to those specifications
      • Research and specify system level components like power supplies, motors, wiring harnesses and displays
      • Work closely with industrial design, and mechanical/manufacturing engineering to design at a system level
      • Complete design and layout of electronic systems at the PCB level
      • Lead products through EMC and safety certification testing
      • Debug and test electronic circuits
      • Address electronics issues on the production floor if necessary
      • Build and evaluate prototypes
      • Execute test plans and interpret results
      • Write and executes test plans at the design and production phases
      • Develop documentation for other engineers, technicians, production, and customers
      • At times, execute under very tight deadlines, and travel to vendor/supplier/manufacturer facilities

      Job Qualifications
      • Outstanding communication skills and ability to interact with a wide range of users
      • BS in Electrical or Computer Engineering, Computer Science or equivalent
      • 5+ years experience electrical design experience
      • Experience leading, mentoring and managing design engineers and technicians
      • Experience programming embedded systems
      • Expertise with electrical testing and measurement tools including DMMs, Oscilloscopes, etc.
      • Multiple years of experience with a Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS) application
      • Experience using Linux, Qt, UI frameworks, OpenGL, Database Architect/SQL or similar
      • Experience with Test Driven Development (TDD) and software test automation
      • C, C++ or Python experience
      • Linux programming experience
      • Ability to read and interpret schematics and mechanical drawings
      • Excellent soldering skills
      • Very high attention to detail
      • Excellent communication skills
      • Spoken/Written English
      • Infectious enthusiasm, energy and problem-solving abilities
      • Driven and motivated to grow with a top-tier team

      Bonus Qualifications
      • Experience with electromechanical systems, preferably motor drive and systems
      • Experience developing durable consumer electronics or consumer appliances
      • Experience with SCONS or similar
      • Experience with Altium Designer

      About Us
      Brainchild creates products and services to solve some of the most significant problems facing consumers in healthcare, technology and consumer products. We are very selectively adding to our team of exceptionally talented and motivated individuals to help accelerate our efforts.

      Join us. It’s going to be fun.

    • Embedded Software Engineering Role at R/GA, with experience in BeagleBone

      We're developing a prototype for a connected appliance. We are using it to test various interactions with sensors and touchscreen display device, as well as communication with a mobile app. The system is currently built using QT and runs on beaglebone with angstrom linux. The system works well now, but we'd like to continue iterating on the system with a developer on site here at R/GA, working closely with other developers and designers. This would be a part time but potentially long-term contract. Compensation would be based on seniority and experience. At the moment, we're focussing on BLE communication, so experience there would be a big plus. Contact Nick Coronges on, and submit your resume.