• Mechanical Engineer (Non-Paid)

    Job Title: Intern
    Position Type: Summer, Non-paid
    Start Date: May 2014

    RESPONSIBILITIES: This individual will be responsible for prototyping and manufacturing a wearable wristband that will be embedded with sensors. Responsibilities include:

    • Designing hardware to enclose electronics
    • Rapidly building and iterating designs
    • Selecting and testing optimal materials

    REQUIREMENTS: The ideal candidate will meet the following minimum requirements:

    • Experience with SolidWorks, 3D printing, CNC, laser cutting and prototyping
    • Knowledge of solid mechanics, material science, and optics.
    • Experience with silicone casting and electronics
    • Good communication and people skills.
    • Advanced knowledge of all Microsoft Office Suite 2010 applications.
    • Must be hard working and energetic.
    • Fun person, good in dynamic and challenging startup setting
  • Summer Communications Associate (Paid)

    What if you could learn how to apply who you are, what you care about and what you know to starting your own successful, high-impact business or nonprofit? The Zahn Innovation Center is an entrepreneurship incubator right here on campus, and we need help spreading the word! If this sounds exciting, read on.

    We are looking for an exceptional designer and communications guru to join our team this summer. We’re ambitious - we want EVERY student, faculty member and alumni of CCNY to consider entrepreneurship as a way to improve their community, meet a real customer need and develop one of the most valuable skillsets available. Help us reach the CCNY community and beyond, so they can access our tools and services to bring to life their innovative business ideas.

    RESPONSIBILITIES: The Zahn Innovation Center has been on campus since early 2013, supporting early stage startups with an emphasis on software and hardware design. In the spring of 2014 we added a new program on social entrepreneurship, incubating ventures that seek to create a measurable social or environmental impact. As our vision and programming broadens, we are looking to rebrand the Zahn Center.

    This summer, we are looking for support and creative input with the following activities:

    • Development of comprehensive communications strategy for all comms channels and target stakeholders
    • Integration of communications activities
    • - Planning of ongoing communications activities
    • Redesign of Zahn Center logo
    • Development of center brand (identify values, audience and goals)
    • Redesign and launch of website (preferably using Wordpress)
    • Website optimization (speed and functionality)
    • Creation of web content including written blogs, photos and videos
    • SEO optimization
    • Analysis of website traffic with Google Analytics
    • Management of social media and outreach

    This position pays $15/hour for up to 35 hours/week.

    TO APPLY: Please email your cover letter, resume and portfolio (if applicable) to Deadline of May 31 but applications will be reviewed as they are received so apply early.

Job Opportunities

  • Electrical Engineer Student - NEW!

    eKick guys is looking for an aspiring entrepreneur and electrical engineer.

    eKick, is a semi-finalist team competing for $50,000 in this year's Kaylie Prize competition. eKick is building a skateboard that can harness the kinetic energy of the wheels to power an on board light and charge a battery pack with which you can charge your hand held gadgets, are looking for an electrical engineer to come on to their team for the competition.

    If you are interested in finding out more, please contact Aulio and Ivan at

    Posted Feb. 2014
  • Designer for Desheller - NEW!

    Description: Develop a sheanut decorticating tool applicable for the rural African setting (That means no electricity) that is:

    • Low-cost
    • Durable
    • Easily used by women in the field
    • Able to be manufactured/assembled with locally available materials

    Design Application: To improve post-harvest efficiencies for millions of poor, rural women in sub-Saharan Africa who are the sole source of shea nuts on the $3.5 billion global market. For more information on the project visit

    Apply: To apply, please email Haytham Elhawary at

    Posted Feb. 2014
  • CUNY Student Tutors Needed - NEW!

    CUNY Tutors, one of the Zahn Prize semifinalist teams, is looking for tutors at the City College of New York. We're looking for SAT/ACT/AP exam tutors, as well as tutors for the SHSAT/Hunter College HS exam. If you have this experience, and you're interested in tutoring for above market compensation and flexible hours, please contact the team at Posted Feb. 2014
  • Web Developer

    Title: Web Developer TryMyToy is new startup that seeks to provide individuals who are looking for educational and interactive toys with a simple and personalized platform to shop.

    We are currently competing as a semi-finalist for the $20,000 Zahn Prize for Entrepreneurship and are looking for a web developer who can work with our startup for the duration of the competition to make our innovative website a reality.

    What We Offer:
    • Experience launching an exciting startup
    • Opportunity to build and strengthen your portfolio
    • Experience working in a collaborative and creative environment with an awesome team
    • Skill progression and fast-tracked learning
    Skills We Are Seeking:
    1. Front-end Web Developer
    • Knowledge of HTML, CSS, jQuery, and JavaScript
    • Ability to create and modify templates for CMS
    • Experience creating visually appealing web pages or interfaces
    • Knowledge of cross-browser compatibility and web accessibility standards
    • Experience working SEO, marketing and analytics
    • Experience with responsive design is a plus

    2. Back-end Web Developer
    • Custom web application development
    • Knowledge of database management and integration
    • Experience developing scalable applications
    • Integrating data or user accounts between multiple systems for a client
    • Outputting data in multiple document formats

    3. Other
    • Sense of curiosity and desire to always be learning
    • Excellent communication and organization skills
    • Ability to communicate well and manage time effectively
    • Ability to work independently as well as on a team

    Compensation: Based on experience and performance.

    How To Apply: If you are interested in applying email us at, with a description of your areas of expertise and technical background.

    Posted Jan. 2014