Zahn Startups Join EDC’s ELab NYC


You may remember Motion2Movement (formerly known as Active Hands), as the winner of the 2017 Kaylie Prize. Since then, the team has been working hard on a pilot program with Burke Rehabilitation Hospital here in New York. Now they’re embarking on a new journey! They’ve been accepted into the Bio & Health Tech Entrepreneurship Lab NYC (or ELab)’s 6-month training and mentorship program for aspiring entrepreneurs in NYC’s life sciences and healthcare technology community.

ELab’s program is designed to assist biotech, medtech, and life science innovators. It’s comprised of a mini-MBA program during January, followed by monthly workshops from February to May, and concludes late June.

Ralph Hertz of Motion2Movement spoke to me about the opportunity. By participating in ELab, the Motion2Movement team hopes to continue to build on what they learned at the Zahn Center, he said. The team also hopes to expand their network. To Ralph, “meeting people in the industry has played a huge part in accelerating the ongoing process of learning.” The team also hopes that, with ELab’s help, they can have a more successful launch of their first generation general wellness therapy device, and have a broader network of care providers involved in the development of their second generation medical device.

Another one of our Zahn alumni, Veripad, will also join ELab’s program this year. After their win at MassChallenge, Veripad’s Bishoy Ghobryal attended the Merck KGaA X-Innovation Summit in Dubai (the trip sponsored by Merck KGaA) to speak on a Digital Health Panel amongst other promising startups. In early January, they’ll head to Las Vegas to exhibit their product at CES 2018. The conference brings together developers of cutting edge consumer technologies.

We’ll share updates about both Motion2Movement and Veripad as they complete ELab’s program. ELab was launched by the Bloomberg Administration and the New York City Economic Development Corporation. You can find out more about their program here.